Manual Fill Water Boilers

Commercial Manual Fill Catering Urns

In a range of sizes to suit most requirements, the manual fill water boiler from Blizzard is easy to install and maintain and will provide many years of trouble free service. The hidden element prevent the build up of limescale and other deposits that may contaminate the water.

With an adjustable temperature control and water level indicator, the Blizzard range of commercial catering urns offers remarkable value for money, reliability and performance
  • Height: 405mm
  • Diameter: 290mm
  • 10 Litre Capacity
WAS: 101 75.00 View Product
  • Height: 523mm
  • Diameter: 310mm
  • 20 Litre Capacity
WAS: 122 90.00 View Product
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  • Height: 420mm
  • Diameter: 390mm
  • 30 Litre Capacity
WAS: 141 105.00 View Product
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  • Height: 523mm
  • Diameter: 390mm
  • 40 Litre Capacity
WAS: 162 120.00 View Product