Beer Line Cleaning Bottles

Beer Line Cleaning Bottles

5 Litre Heavy Duty Beer Line Cleaning Bottle

This 5 litre high pressure beer line cleaning bottle, is designed to withstand the gas pressures required to drive the beer line cleaning solution around the dispense system

The Beer Line Cleaning Bottle is supplied with a keg connector socket cap which has a safety release valve incorporated.
The Current colour is Grey and any new Beer Line Cleaning Bottle you buy should be this colour.

Four choices of cleaning socket to cover all major UK, US and European beer kegs: S-Type (Sankey), G-Type (Grundy), U-type (Interbrew) and A-Type (Guinness)

There is also a KeyKeg Adaptor for dispense systems using small disposable beer containers that can be fitted onto an S-Type (Sankey) Socket

When Ordering your Cellar Cleaning Bottle Please note to specify the relevant Keg connector so that we can provide a Cellar cleaning Bottle with the relevant socket cap.