Evaporative Cooling

Industrial and Commercial Evaporative Cooling

Industrial and Commercial Evaporative Cooling

We can offer a full evaporative cooling solution for your office, warehouse or factory floor of any size. from small portable units for offices and smaller retail outlets to full scale industrial cooling systems, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with an efficient and cost effective evaporative cooling system to perfectly suit your requirements

Evaporative Cooling from Breezair

Cost Effective, Efficient and Reliable Evaporative Environmental Cooling Solutions for Large Areas and Factory Floors

Why Choose Evaporative Cooling?
- Up to 87% Savings in Running Costs
- Only Water and Electricity Used (No Compressors)
- Easy to Install and Maintain
- No Chemical Refrigerants Used
- 100% Fresh Outside Air (Not recirculated)

What is Evaporative Cooling?
Based on the same principles of evaporation, warm air from outside is drawn through water soaked chilling pads, As the air blows through the chilled pads, the water evaporates, absorbing the heat in the air, which naturally lowers the temperature. A fan the forces the cooled air through a ducting system to lower the ambient temperature of your environment.

Won't This Increase Humidity?
Evaporative cooling systems will, in most cases, increase the humidity of your environment slightly. But, this is after the temperature has decreased and it is the combination of temperature and humidity that contribute to human comfort. Evaporative coolers are used in a number of extreme heat environments around the world to create comfortable conditions where a regular air conditioner wouldn't be able to handle efficiently. For example, 80% humidity and 30°C is very uncomfortable, whilst 80% humidity and 16°C is quite comfortable.

Will Evaporative Cooling Remove Smoke and Odours from the Air?
Yes, by not recirculating the air as conventional air conditioners do. Evaporative cooling is by far the best solution for industrial plants, especially production and packaging areas. By simply leaving a door or window open, or having an extraction fan will allow the 'dirty' air to be drawn outside whilst the cooler brings in 100% fresh air.

Will Evaporative Cooling Work in Open and Semi-Open Spaces?
Yes, outdoor areas have no walls to contain the cool air, these spaces are impossible to cool using conventional air conditioning because they rely on recirculating and reusing the air from a sealed area. Breezair evaporative coolers are an excellent solution to maintain an easy supply and flow of fresh and cool air to those areas since the air is completely exhausted naturally.

Can I Set the Operation Times on an Evaporative Cooling System?
Yes, with the MagIQtouch controller you can program your cooler for up to 7 days. The program mode divides each day into 4 time periods. You control when each of these periods begin and what you want your system to do. With the MagIQcool controller, you can decide when you want your evaporative cooler to delay the power on or off.

What Happens to the Discharge Water?
The discharge water is hygienically drained away as you would expect from a conventional air conditioning system, but can also be used for other purposes including irrigation or filling the firefighting tank

Will Evaporative Cooling Cope with Extreme Heat Conditions?
Absolutely, conventional air conditioners give less cooling the hotter it gets, and eventually fail altogether when the temperature is extreme, evaporative cooling offers MORE cooling the hotter it gets and there is NO upper limit! The Breezair evaporative coolers will continue to work when you need them the most.

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