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Lancashire Air Conditioning

Authorised Approved Service Provider and Installer for Major Manufacturers of Air Conditioners including:

Fujitsu Air Conditioning
Toshiba Air Conditioners
Daikin Air Conditioners
LG Air Conditioners
Mitsubishi Air Conditioning
Breezair Evaporative Cooling

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Whether at work or relaxing at home, air conditioning can make a big difference to your environment. Studies have shown efficient environmental control contributes to increased productivity inthe workplace, improved learning outcomes in the classroom, and a comfortable home environment contributes to decreased stress levels and improved health.

ABC Direct have a solution to exactly suit your requirements, including floor standing, wall mounted, ceiling or window-mounted units, ceiling cassettes or discreet ducted split air conditioning systems that neatly fit in a ceiling or wall void.

Modern air conditioning engineering is at its highest level of safety, environmental consideration and technology. The ability to control not only your environment, but your energy usage and carbon footprint are becoming increasingly more important with energy cost rising and tariffs placed on energy efficiency.

Split air conditioning systems are particularly beneficial as the condenser (housing the motor, etc) is installed outside the building, ensuring quiet operation inside.
A remotely wired or hand-held controller provides flexible operation relating to time programmes, room temperatures and more. Add heat pump technology and your split air conditioner can now supply heating as well as cooling to the room, often providing an economical alternative to central heating systems.

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