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Beer Cellar Cooling Systems & Air Conditioning

Cellar Cooling Installed and Repairs in Lancashire:
It is important to fit out your beer cellar with the most efficient, reliable cellar cooling systems.
We supply brewery specification Cellar Cooler systems to provide reliable cooling for keg beer, real ale, traditional cask beers, wines and bottled beers in pubs, clubs and restaurants.
They are also used in storage rooms to prolong the storage life of fresh fruit and vegetables and keep florist stock and flowers in peak condition.
Stocking best selling, premium brands such as:
Blizzard, Qualitair, JE Hall, Marstair, Dakin, Beer Master, Cellarking, Thermofrost CellarTemp, Cellarator, Hubbard.
At ABC Direct, we've got all your cellar cooling requirements covered, just give us a call today, we're here to help!